Born from Adam Heart retiring the Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament Series in 2014. When his absence left the area without its annual gaming extravaganza, Richard Thiher, then Assistant Director of the series, partnered with Gaming Generations to develop a worthy event successor. When COMBO BREAKER arrived in 2015 it presented exciting, proficient tournaments and a then-unique 24-hour venue experience. The event’s focus on community also saw it become one of the most viewed fighting game tournaments of the year on

Gaming Generations has continually provided equipment, merchandising, retail operations, staffing, signage, badges, landyards and much more to help grow COMBO BREAKER to the 3rd largest fighting game event on the planet and one of the fastest growing Esports events in the world.

“Gaming Generations is the #1 company anyone who runs a gaming event should call.”

– Michael Hionis, Frosty Faustings Co-Owner,


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