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Unlike other products, our XCM LED Analog Thumb Sticks for the PS3 controller has a built-in chip to let you choose what color you like. The XCM LED Analog Thumbsticks provide 7 various colors, blue, green, red, purple, lime, yellow and white. You can even have a different color set on each stick! 2 different sets of clear analog sticks are included (2 pieces concave and 2 pieces convex). Want to have a cooler controller than your friends? Then pick one of these items up!
Product features:
* Built-in LED's, can change to any color you want
* Can change between 7 different color options (Blue, Green, Red, Purple, Lime, Yellow and White.)
* Pair of concave and convex shape sticks included (Xbox 360 & PS3 analogs)
* Each LED stick can be set to a different color

* Intermediate soldering experience required
* Compatible with official PS3 dualshock controller
* The set of Xbox 360 and PS3 analogs that are included are plastic (no rubber top). Due to this issue, we are including a 3rd set for free (Xbox 360 clear thumbsticks w/ super rubber grip top)

* After installed correctly, simply hold down either thumbstick you would like to turn on for 4-5 seconds and it will light up. The colors you can choose from include: Blue, Green, Red, Purple, Lime, Yellow, White then Off.

Additional Images
XCM LED Analog Thumbsticks - PS3 XCM LED Analog Thumbsticks - PS3 XCM LED Analog Thumbsticks - PS3